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Providing assistance with managing our clients' medications

If you need help in managing your medications or if you know someone who needs such help, Virtuous Homecare LLC assists you in achieving the ideal solution in making sure that you adhere to your medications as prescribed.

Through our partnership with a local organization of registered nurses, you can receive medication management assistance from assigned nurses who will visit your home whenever you need such assistance. We have created this affordable solution to help our clients manage their medications more effectively. Our clients are taken care of by qualified registered nurses, administering their medications, educating them and encouraging their adherence.

A California-licensed registered nurse can help you manage your medications with a focus on the following:

  1. prescriptions

    Medication Reconciliation
    Your current medications will be reviewed in close coordination with the registered nurse and your physician. When changes are imminent, the doctors, along with the client and family members will be duly discussing the matter.

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    Medication Organization
    For you to adhere to your medication schedule, the registered nurse will assist you in organizing all of your medicines. Pillboxes are set up for 4 weeks at a time. These are arranged with accordance to prescription instructions such as time of day and more. The nurse assigned to your care will be visiting you once a month or as frequently as necessary, refilling your pillbox and reviewing the medications you have taken from the previous weeks’ logs.

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    Medication Monitoring
    The logged medicines you have taken with the help of a care provider or family member will be monitored by the registered nurse. The logs are evaluated and reconciled with the pillboxes previously prepared by the nurse. In this manner, the nurse can assess whether the patient followed the medication instructions or not.

With the registered nurse’s support, you will have peace of mind that your or your loved one’s medication is checked and monitored properly.

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