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The Alternative to Assisted Living
happy senior patient with friendly female nurse

Does your senior loved one prefer to spend their aging years at home? There is no surprise here. In fact, the AARP surveyed seniors with whom 90% of them saying they want to continue staying in their own abode within the next five to ten years. This data shows us that your aging loved one may also find comfort in being able to age in their own place.

If you’re concerned about their safety and well-being when they’re staying at home all by themselves, our live-in and daily care services can give you the peace of mind. At Virtuous Homecare LLC, we have experienced and compassionate care team members who can provide daily and live-in care. We will attend to your loved one’s specific care needs through our one-on-one care services.

With live-in and daily care services, your family member can maximize the care provided any time of the day, especially during emergency scenarios. Care providers who stay in the home of your loved one can help ensure their safety, health, and confidence. Aside from the companionship, care providers can also assist in preparing meals, doing exercises, and accomplishing hobbies, among others.

If this is a kind of service that greatly interests you, feel free set an appointment with us.