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Father’s Day a Special Occasion to Celebrate Your Aging Loved One!

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Your Father is an important role model in your life and celebrating Father’s Day is an extraordinary time to make special memories. As we reach our advancing years, sometimes families develop and change, so celebrating Father’s Day with someone special may appear different from year to year. The individuals who remain may wish to spend the day remembering a loved one, friend or family member who is no longer with them maybe a father, husband or individual who significantly affected their life. Creating space for them to embrace their feelings and memories can be a way to enable them to celebrate. Virtuous Homecare, LLC is here to help plan a great that shows the people you love just how much you care.

Picking the Right Activity

Father’s Day festivity thoughts don’t have to be grand as your dad will most likely get the most joy spending time together. Whether your father is an active senior or one that need a little assistance, these Father’s Day festivities ideas are sure to brighten his day.

  • Host a family cookout or other event in their honor
  • Find a classic car show in your area and bring dad for a fun day out
  • Plan a walking or driving tour of local historic sites from their own life
  • Check local listing for a classic film festival or showing of their favorite movies
  • Organize a card game or trivia night with the family
  • Pamper your dad. Take him for a shave or haircut

Planning Outdoors

With the warm weather, it’s an ideal time to get outside and enjoy the special occasion with the whole family. If you’re arranging a trip outside to celebrate Father’s Day, you may need to make special considerations to ensure the day is enjoyable for seniors. In case you are planning a picnic in the park or just a quick stroll, there a few things to keep in mind:

  • In case your loved one has restricted mobility, it might be ideal to stick to clear strolling for comfort and ease. An online search of local parks should help you select the right space for your event.
  • Provide comfortable seating. Park benches and picnic tables may not always be the best place to sit and enjoy the outdoor activities. Proving comfortable seating that’s easy for your loved one to get in and out of will help your loved one enjoy the day. We recommend something like a high back chair or roller walker available at your local medical supply stores or
  • Shade. A portable umbrella provides shade during the hit of the day and can help prevent overheating and sunburns. Portable umbrellas can be found at your local Academy or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Now that you have your outdoor essentials for seniors, you’re ready to pack up and make the most of Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day from Virtuous Homecare, LLC

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